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Mayor of Ljubljana (12/2011)

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Spanish Mayors
Edited by Alidad Vassigh*

20 August 2011: Spain consists of 8,109 municipalities in 17 regions. Local council elections are held every four years. The last one was held in May 2011. The election produced a landslide victory for the conservative People's Party (PP). In the popular vote, the PP won nationwide by 38 per cent to 28 per cent for the PSOE.

Spain’s municipalities are governed by the city council. City councillors are elected by popular vote. The number of councillors varies, according to the number of residents, from five to 25.

The president of the city council is the mayor, who is elected by and from the councillors. Mayors organize, suspend and lead the sessions and debates of the plenary and of other municipal organs. They are also the highest representative authority of the municipality and responsible for its government and administration. Mayors' responsibilities include: Environment, roads, urban planning and water. Mayors of larger municipalities are also responsible for culture, environment, fire services, social services, transport and waste.

Mayors can be removed from office by a ‘constructive vote of no-confidence’ meaning that the censure motion must also propose a new candidate to avoid a power vacuum.

Mayors of the largest Spanish cities
(Readers are invited to supply information on additional Spanish cities and mayors. Please insert ‘Spanish mayors’ in the subject line of any emails.)

City, size
and website
Mayor (Mr, Ms)
Profile & Politics*
Popl: 335,459 (2010);
Sonia Castedo Ramos (Ms) Elected 2008, 2011,; Next elections 2015 Born 1970, graduated in sociology Alicante University; began working in city government 1995; head of city's beaches and parks 1999-2003, deputy-mayor 2003-8.
Party: PP (Partido Popular, conservative)
Popl: 218,886;
Xavier García Albiol (Mr) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1967, joined PP 1990, elected councilman 1991; studied law.
Party: PP*
Popl: 1,619,337 (2010)
Xavier Trias (Mr) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1946, studied medicine in Barcelona, Genoa and Berne; pediatrician in Barcelona 1974-81. Began to work 1981 in Generalitat (regional government)'s health department. Became Generalitat's senior health officer 1988; a vice-president of Generalitat from 1996 (as consejero de la Presidencia), elected member of Spain's parliament 2000; Barcelona councilman from 2003.
Party: CiU (Convergencia y Unión, coalition of two conservative/ nationalist Catalan parties)
Popl: 355,731 (2009);
Iñaki Azkuna Urreta (Mr) Mayor since 1999, reelected 2011 ; Next elections 2015 Born 1943; cardiologist; Basque regional government's head of hospitals 1982; posts in Basque government 1983-99, including senior health officer 1999.
Party: EAJ-PNV (Basque nationalist party)
Popl: 218,210 (2011)
María Pilar Barreiro Álvarez (Ms) Mayor since 1995; Next elections 2011 Born 1955, lawyer and lecturer by profession; entered PP 1987, member of Murcia regional assembly 1991-5; member of Spain's parliament since 2008.
Party: PP
Popl: 330,033 (Jan. 2011)
José Antonio Nieto Ballesteros (Mr) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1970; member of centrist party CDS 1991-3; joined PP 1995, city councilman in Guadalcázar 1995-9, then Cordoba from 1999; elected member of Andalusian parliament 2008.
Party: PP
Popl: 230,822 (2010)
Mercedes Alonso García (Ms) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1964; law graduate Alicante University, conservative sympathiser since 1982; councilwoman in Elche since 1991, former member of Valencian regional parliament.
Party: PP
Popl: 277,198 (2010)
Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo (Ms) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1966, graduated medicine 1990 University of Oviedo; surgeon; received Embajadora de Gijón prize 2008 for medical/scientific activities; "very fond" of gardening according to city website.
Party: Foro Asturias (centre-right regional party founded January 2011 by ex-PP minister Francisco Alvarez-Cascos)
Popl: 272,730 (2011)
José Torres Hurtado (Mr) Mayor since 2003 (reelected 2011), elections 2015 Born 1946; member of parliament 1982-6, senator for Granada 1986-89, occupied regional administrative or political posts to 2003.
Party: PP
Hospitalet de Llobregat
Popl: 258,642 (2010)
Núria Marín Martínez (Ms) Mayor since 2008 (reelected 2011), elections in 2015 Born 1963, began working in city government 1985; deputy-mayor 1999. Joined Catalan Socialist Party 1981.
Party: PSC (Catalan Socialist Party)
La Coruña
Popl: 246,056 (2009)
Carlos Negreira Souto (Mr) Elected 2011, elections in 2015 Born Rio de Janeiro 1960; law graduate University of Santiago de Compostela; technical and juridical posts in Galicia 1980s-90s. Worked in Madrid ministries 1999-2000 before returning to Galicia to become head of regional ports and engage in politics.
Party: PP
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Popl: 282,308 (2010)
Juan José Cardona González (Mr) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1962; law graduate Complutense University of Madrid, lawyer to 1995. Joined PP 1991; entered Las Palmas city council 1995. Occupied posts in city and island government to 2007.
Party: PP
Popl: 3,273,049 (2010)
Ana Botella (Mr) Ana Botella succeeded Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón Jiménez in December 2011 after her predecessor was appointed Spanish minister of justice ; Next elections 2015 Born 1954; lawyer, entered Madrid city council in 2007 where she served as councillor for the environment. She is married to former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar
Party: PP
Popl: 568,507 (2010)
Francisco de la Torre Prados (Mr) Elected mayor 2003, 2007, 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1942; degrees in sociology and agricultural engineering from Salamanca, Madrid and Rennes universities; engaged in regional politics and administration in 1970s-80s; deputy-mayor of Malaga 1994, becomes mid-term mayor 2000.
Party: PP
Popl: 441,345 (2010)
Miguel Angel Cámara Botía (Mr) Mayor since 1995; Elections 2015 Born 1955; chemist and lecturer. Entered the AP (centrist party), then PP in 1980s; party secretary-general in Murcia region and city councilman 1990s.
Party: PP
Popl: 225, 155 (2010)
Gabino de Lorenzo Ferrera (Mr) Elected 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007; Elections in 2015 Born 1943, graduated and PhD from School of Mines Oviedo; worked as engineer; elected a councilman 1987.
Party: PP
Palma de Mallorca
Popl: 421,900 (2011)
Mateo Isern Estela (Mr) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1959, lawyer; judge in Ibiza 1982. Worked in, then headed legal affairs department at the Banco de Credito Balear 1984-2005. PP member for past 20 years.
Party: PP
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Popl: 222,643 (2010)
José Manuel Bermúdez Esparza (Mr) Elected 2011; Elections in 2015 Born 1966, lawyer; member of Coalición Canarias (CC) party in 1990s. Occupied posts in Canary islands and Tenerife governments 1980s and 90s; Tenerife's head of tourism from 2003.
Party: CC-PNC-CCN (coalition of Canarian nationalist parties)
Popl: 704,198 (2010)
Juan Ignacio Zoido Alvarez (Mr) Elected 2011; Elections in 2015 Born 1957, lawyer; judge in 1980s-90s, government posts 1996-2004; PP secretary-general in Andalucia 2004-6.
Party: PP
Popl: 214,648 (2011)
Pere Navarro Morera (Mr) Mayor since 2002 (elected 2003, 2007, 2011); Next elections 2015 Born 1959, graduated in biology Barcelona Autonomous University; PSC member since 1977; deputy-mayor of Tarrasa 1999.
Party: PSC
Popl: 815,440 (2011)
Rita Barberá Nolla (Ms) Mayor since 1991 (elected 1995, 99, 2003, 2007, 2011); Elections in 2015 Born 1948, graduated politics and journalism Valencia and Madrid Complutense universities; co-founder of PP in Valencia region; member Valencian regional parliament from 1983. Member of PP national committee from 1993.
Party: PP
Popl: 315,522 (2010)
Francisco Javier León de la Riva (Mr) Mayor since 1995; Elections in 2015 Born 1945, gynaecologist, member of various medical bodies/ hospital boards; vice-president of Caja Duero bank 1996-2007.
Party: PP
Popl: 297, 124 (2010)
Abel Ramón Caballero Alvarez (Mr) Became mayor 2007 after election pact with BNG (Galician nationalists). Elected 2011; Elections in 2015. Born 1946, studied economics in Santiago, Cambridge and Essex universities. Spain's socialist transport minister 1985-88, member of parliament 1982-97. Head of Vigo port authority 2005.
Party: PSOE (Spain's Socialist Party)
Popl: 240, 580 (2011)
Javier Ignacio Maroto Aranzábal (Mr) Elected 2011; Next elections 2015 Born 1972, studied economics, then MBA at the Universidad Comercial de Deusto and IESE (part of Navarra University). Deputy-mayor and financial officer, when PP governed Vitoria 1999-2007.
Party: PP
Popl: 675,121 (2010); (698,186 according to city government's count 2011)
Juan Alberto Belloch Julbe (Mr) Mayor since 2003 (re-elected 2007, 2011); Elections in 2015 Born 1950, jurist; judge 1975-1990. Minister of Justice 1993-4, Justice and Interior Minister 1994-6. Member of parliament 1996-2000.
Party: PSOE

*Spain’s principal political parties and groupings
PP: Partido Popular, conservative
Foro Asturias: Centre-right regional party founded January 2011 by ex-PP minister Francisco Alvarez-Cascos
PSOE: Spain's Socialist Party
PSC: Catalan Socialist Party
EAJ-PNV: Basque nationalist party
CC-PNC-CCN: Coalition of Canarian nationalist parties

*Alidad Vassigh also maintains the blog The American News Monitor

The winner of the 2012 World Mayor Prize amd other resuts were announced on 8 January 2013

Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid

Xavier Trias, Mayor of Barcelona

Rita Barberá Nolla, Mayor of Valencia

Juan Alberto Belloch Julbe, Mayor Zaragoza

Francisco de la Torre Prados, Mayor of Malaga