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Italian Mayors
Researched and edited by Alidad Vassigh*

28 May 2012: Mayors play a central role in Italian national life and are a settled feature of the political system. The more than 8,000 communes are each headed by a mayor (sindaco) and elected council (consiglio communal) of between 15 and 80 members.

From the capital Rome to the smallest village, Italian communes coexist on an equal basis, although the mayors of Rome and Milan can be seen as national political figures in their own right. They also enjoy high levels of allegiance from their local populations, making their boundaries hard to amend or reform. In addition to civil registration and local public services, including roads, communes are able to run their own local police forces and provide local healthcare services. The Italian capital Rome is served by 19 municipal entities, the Municipi.

Mayors of the largest Italian cities
(Readers are invited to supply information on additional Italian cities and mayors. Please insert ‘Italian mayors’ in the subject line of any emails.)

City, size*
and internet
(Mr, Ms)
Profile & Politics**
Popl: 320,475
Michele Emiliano (Mr) Elected June 2009, five-year term Born 1959; judge, PD secretary Apulia region; Party: PD
Popl: 380,181
Virginio Merola (Mr) Elected May 2011, five-year term Born 1955, philosophy graduate Bologna University; municipal posts 1990s-2000s, PD co-founder; Party: PD
Popl: 193,879
Adriano Paroli (Mr) Elected April 2008, five-year term Born 1962; lawyer, city councilor 1991, re-elected 1998, 2003, ; Party: PdL
Popl: 293,458
Raffaele Stancanelli (Mr) Elected June 2008, five-year term Born 1950; lawyer; Party: PdL
Popl: 371,282
Matteo Renzi (Mr) Elected June 2009, five-year term Born 1975, law graduate Florence University; Party: PD
Popl: 607,906
Marco Doria (Mr) Elected May 2012, five-year term

Born 1957; economics lecturer Genoa University, marquis and count; member of Doria naval dynasty of Genoa; father a communist
Party: independent candidate supported by PD and Sinistra Ecologia Libertà

Popl: 242,503 ;
Giuseppe Buzzanca (Mr) Elected June 2008, five-year term Born 1954; physician ; Party: PdL
Popl: 1,324,110
Giuliano Pisapia (Mr) Mayor 2011, five-year term Born 1949, lawyer; Party: Sinistra Ecologia Libertà
Popl: 959,574
Luigi di Magistris (Mr) Mayor since June 2011, five-year term Born 1967; lawyer, prosecutor in Naples 1998-2002; Party: Italia dei Valori
Popl: 214,198
Flavio Zanonato (Mr) Elected June 2009, five-year term Born 1959; former member Italian communist party, mayor of Padua 1993-9, 2004-2009, member Veneto regional parliament 2000-4; Party: PD
Popl: 655,875
Leoluca Orlando (Mr) Elected May 2012 for a five-year term Born 1947; mayor 1985-90, 1993-2000, lecturer Palermo University; reputed public enemy of mafia, received death threats when mayor
Popl: 186,690
Federico Pizzarotti (Mr) Elected May 2012 for a five-year term

Born 1973;
Banker/financial consultant; loves computers.
Party: Five Stars Movement

Popl: 188,011
Roberto Cenni (Mr) Elected June 2009, five-year term Born 1952, textile industrialist; Party: Civic list/independent, backed by right-wing parties like PdL, Northern League
Reggio Calabria
Popl: 186,547
Demetrio Arena (Mr) Elected May 2011 for a five-year term Born 1956; financial/tax adviser
Party: Il Popolo della libertà
Popl: 2,761,477
Ignazio Marino (Mr) Elected April 2013, five-year term Born 1955; Transplant surgeon
Member of the Italian Senate since 2006; Party: Democratic Party (DP)
Popl: 191,810
Ippazio Stefano (Mr) Elected June 2007, five-year term Born 1945; physician/urologist, Taranto councilman 1982-92; Party: Centre-left coalition (Lista Stefano/Sinistra Democratica per Stefano)
Popl: 205,535
Roberto Cosolini (Mr) Elected May 2011, five-year term Born 1956; Party: PD
Popl: 907,563
Pietro Franco "Piero" Fassino (Mr) Elected 2011, five-year term Born 1949, foreign trade minister 1998-2000, minister of justice 2000-2001; Party: Democratic Party (PD)
Popl: 270,884
Giorgio Orsoni (Mr) Elected March 28-29 2010, five-year term Born 1946; lawyer, elected 2010 with support of centre-left coalition of parties; Party: PD
Popl: 263,964
Flavio Tosi (Mr) First elected May 2007; re-elected May 2012 for a five-year term Born 1969; elected to Verona city council 1994, president of the Venetian League (LV); Party: Lega Veneta-Lega Nord

* Population figures at end December 2010 for commune (comune) of that name, from ISTAT:

** Italian parties: 1 - Il Popolo della Libertà (PdL, People of Freedom), conservative party supporting former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi; 2 - Sinistra Ecologia Libertà (Left Ecology Freedom), left-wing party led by Nichi Vendola, initially founded as a coalition of leftist parties. 3 - Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values), centrist and anti-corruption party led by former anti-corruption judge Antonio di Pietro. 4 - Partito Democratico (PD, Democratic Party), social democratic party founded in 2007 in merger of left-wing groups including former communists, led by Pier Luigi Bersani. 5 - Casa delle Libertà (House of Freedom) right-wing party led by Silvio Berlusconi, dissolved 2008. 6 - Liga Veneta - Lega Nord: the Venetian League is in the Northern League federation of parties that promote greater regional autonomy, federalism or the local interests of Italy´s northern provinces. LV was founded in 1979 and is presided by Flavio Tosi; the Northern League was founded in 1991. 7 – Movimento 5 Stelle: anti-establishment "Five Stars Movement" led by comedian Giuseppe Piero "Beppe" Grillo.

*Alidad Vassigh also maintains the blog The American News Monitor

The winner of the 2012 World Mayor Prize amd other resuts were announced on 8 January 2013

Giuliano Pisapia, Mayor of Milan

Pietro Franco "Piero" Fassino, Mayor of Turin

Luigi di Magistris, Mayor Naples

Giorgio Orsoni, Mayor of Venice