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Great Lakes

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US and Canadian mayors work
together to protect Great Lakes

From Michael K, USA:
I read with a great deal of interest Mr. Favro's May 12th article on the City Mayors about looming North American water shortages and problems associated with diversion of water out the Great Lakes. Mr. Favro is justifiably concerned about future inter-governmental wrangling over a dwindling resource, i.e. Great Lakes fresh water. I share his concern. There is no question that the current laws, treaties and the especially the jurisdiction of the International Joint Commission ( which was defined almost a 100 years ago, before the kinds of water shortages we are facing today were contemplated) are not adequate to deal with the looming water shortages. In the face of such legislative and jurisdictional inadequacies and impasses the importance of and need for people like David Ullrich and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is obvious.
As I read his article, Mr. Favro sees a future in which more and more people and more and more governments are squabbling over less and less water. He seems to see nothing but doom and gloom. I would share Mr. Favro's negative view of the future of Great Lake fresh water if I did not know that there exists a credible proposal to replenish the Great Lakes with enormous amounts of fresh water that are currently lost to Hudson/James Bay. This can be done without diverting any water away from any existing uses or users. The proposal is called the GRAND Canal of North America or the GNAC and the designer is an engineer by the name of Thomas Kierans.

From Michael P., Chicago, USA
Unsustainable growth in south eastern and south western US states is not our problem. We have many historic examples of water diversion gone horribly wrong. The Aurel Sea and the Colorado River. People living in the great lakes states take this issue very seriously though our politicians may not. Be warned, this topic should not be taken under serious consideration and it will not happen under any circumstances without a fight. If you live in the south eastern and western states I am truly sorry for your present difficulties. However, I tell you now you will get not get one drop.

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