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Omar Maani, Mayor of Amman, Jordan
From Mohammed T (Amman): Where was the mayor when the citizens of Amman demonstrated for greater freedom? Posted August 2011
Angelo T (Outside Jordan): He is a great Ambassador for Amman and Jordan, I was there for a festival in Amman, the hospitality and efficiency of his staff was amazing, he is a genuine guy, as a guest to Jordan they assisted in having an amazing cultural festival, I will definetley go back. Posted April 2011
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Rajni Abbi, Mayor of Delhi, India:
From Krishna Kumar (Delhi):
Rural roads are very bad condition. Last 5 years no road work has been done in our area. Sanitation and garbage waste are the other main problems. Garbage waste deposited in main road due to smell & cow and dog we cant walk in the road.
Posted September 2011

Donald Tsang, Governor of Hong Kong, China
From Wong (Hong Kong):
He only listens and pleases the Beijing leaders, seldom does his work really good to local residence. Actually, he is a puppet, not a mayor. Posted September 2011
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Fauzi Bowo, Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia
From Charles Weber (Indonesia): In an outragous remark, the mayor asked women not to wear short skirts to avoid being raped. His administration has also made the traffic situation worse.
Score: 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Raiyan Tanu (Jakarta): The governor banned smoking in public building, for that he was awarded a World No Tobacco Day medal by the WHO for his efforts to stamp out smoking in the capital.
Posted August 2011
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Del De Guzman, Mayor of Marikina, Philippines
From Nick (Marikina): The mayor has focused on the basic needs of the residents of the city such as security and health. He purchased flood monitoring equipment, allotted more funds on government owned equipment and disaster risk reduction plans.
Posted September 2011
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Robert Doyle, Mayor of Melbourne, Australia
From James Broadman (Melbourne): Robert Doyle's attack on the Occupy Melbourne protest was one of the worst things I have ever witnessed. His attitude about the entire affair afterwards has been even worse. Robert Doyle needs to resign.
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Maria Kear (Melbourne): When Mr Doyle gave orders for the Victoria Police to remove peaceful protestors from The City Square on Friday the 21st of October 2011, using excessive force, I lost all faith in a system which I formerly was very confident in. I used to be a police woman for 11 years, & then left the police when I became a mother. I am very concerned about this system for my growing children. What harm are these people doing to you Mr Doyle? What are you afraid of? You are supposed to represent these people! You should be ashamed!
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011.
From Aviv G (Melbourne): I am an American citizen living and working in this beautiful city of Melbourne. As an American I hold the freedom of speech and the right to protest as sacred aspects of a true democracy, and Mayor Doyle's ignorant reaction to Occupy Melbourne, and his subsequent use of extreme force to evict the peaceful protesters from a public space, is condemnable.
Even understanding that camping is forbidden in public spaces and that Doyle cannot see the difference between a camp site and a viable form of political protest, his actions in forbidding protesters to have political signs and shade - effectively using the police to steal the belongings (not to mention the voices) of the protesters, is just appalling and shocking to me.
It makes me sad that Australia, or at least Melbourne does not recognize the value of its citizens organizing in peaceful, constructive dissent. Mayor Doyle should be removed from office for his failure to uphold the basic democratic tenants of a modern first-world society.
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011.
From Carlos Pereira (Melbourne): Mayor Doyle ruthlessly evicted protesters from City Square. I was not a protestor but I was there and witnessed it, it was disgusting and violent and just wrong. I was ashamed to be an Aussie that day... Australia is meant to be a free country... on that day it was not..
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Catherine (Melbourne): The mayor has proved the point of Occupy Melbourne in a number of ways: First, the excessive use of the police force, not only forcibly removing citizens from (allegedly) public space, but then arresting onlookers. Secondly, by refusing to entertain the notion of an inquiry into the events of 21 Oct 2011. Thirdly in the manner he has chosen to speak and write about Occupy Melbourne. I am sure my parents, teachers, lecturers, and co-workers would be very surprised that anyone would feel the need to talk down to me, or to consider me self indulgent/narcissistic (I study social work), or a rabble (private school educated, female, quiet), or a 'professional protester' (I'd never been to a protest before)
Score: 1/10. Posted November 2011.
From A P (Melbourne): The mayor's worst actions in office: His decision, firstly, to order a violent eviction of a non-violent protest at City Square, ignoring the fundamental human rights to freedom of assembly and expression.
And secondly, despite evidence of excessive force (punching, strangling, dragging through horsepoo) by (often badge-less) police during the violent eviction, Robert Doyle blocked a motion for an independent inquiry into the eviction (even though he claims he/the police were without fault). In standing up for his decisions, he even resorted to low-level insults and inaccurate namecalling of the people, citizens and residents of Melbourne, his constituents, who were at the protest, or
who support the right to protest. Score 3/10. Posted November 2011
From Tom (Melbourne): Mayor Doyle's worst action in office was his disgusting response to the Occupy Melbourne protest in City Square. Sending in riot police who violently assaulted many protestors is not the way a mayor should communicate with his constituents. Especially considering the fact that he supposedly works for them amongst others. Melbourne is not going to forget this.
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Leanne Carroll (Melbourne): The mayor's bad decisions: Ordering police to move in on peaceful protesters at Occupy Melbourne, who in a democratic society have every right to protest in a public space. Typical Liberal behaviour - shut up the riff-raff. Constantly proclaiming it's "MY Melbourne". Generally pretending that the office of Lord Mayor has any actual power. Worst LM Melbourne has ever had.
Score 2/10. Posted November 2011.
From Mez Moon (Melbourne): The mayor has shown his true bias by allowing right-to-life protestors outside the Abortion clinic to protest for months or years and yet unleashing the riot police on Occupy protestors after only a week.
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Bruce Alexander (Melbourne): Prior to last week I had no opinion about Robert Doyle. However after hearing his recent interview with Jon Faine I really began to wonder what political systems must exists in Melbourne which allow such an arrogant, heartless, narrow minded person to be awarded the position of Mayor. I thought one of the main roles of Mayor was to set a good example for our community.
A recording of the Jon Faine interview is internationally available on the web. I occasionally see video clips of nutty American leaders spouting off in an arrogant, self-righteous style and I now feel somewhat humiliated to realise our Australian system also allows a person, who seems to have significant psychological and emotional problems, to be elected into position of power where he appears to have control over the police force.
Score: 1/10. Posted November 2011:
From Marguerite McCall (Melbourne): I am a grand mother and value the right of people to protest and demonstrate in a peaceful manner. It is our democratic right. Robert Doyle made a mockery of democracy and his office. I am disgusted by the action taken by the police and subsequent treatment of the protesters who appeared to be predominantly young people with an strong opinion/ideals to express. Robert Doyle should not hold the office of Mayor. He is not deserving of this honour and will be remembered for the shame that he has bought to our city today. He is no more than a thug in my opnion.
Score 1/10: Posted November 2011
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Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama, Japan
From Chika Eto (Japan):
Within two years after taking the helm of the management of Yokohama city, Mayor Hyashi sucessfully alleviated one of the imminent issues that the city needed to solve, which was severe shortage of childcare facilities and long waiting list for infants and young children to be enrolled in day care centres. As Yokohama city was able to add significant number of childcare facilities, this measure enabled the would-be-working motheres to get back into the workforce more easily. Also buy inviting the private sector to takle the problem together, Yokohama city was able to add employment and more new business by inviting privaterly run childcare service providers not only from the local area but also from other parts of Japan that were willing to launch business in Yokohama. Posted September 2011
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