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Stephanie Rawlings Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, USA
From 'ZXM' (Baltimore):
Rawlings-Blake has failed the city in nearly every aspect of urban affairs. Her biggest mistake was her investment in the Grand-Prix which has drained millions from city and state resources.Posted March 2012
From Donald P S (Baltimore): Mayor Rawlings Blake has restored the prestige of her office after the disgraceful behaviour of her predecessor. Her splendid election victory this month is fully deserved. We wish her the best of luck. Score 8/10. Posted November 2011
From Cheryle Wilson (Baltimore):
Mayor Rawlings Blake is committed to reducing waste and fostering ethics in government. She has shown a willingness to look beyond politics to find a workable solution in spite of opposition. Posted September 2011
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Shari Decter Hirst, Mayor of Brandon, Canada
From Star, (Brandon):
Shari was elected in Nov 2010. Just a few months into her new position, our city was faced with a major crisis. Disasterous flooding. She has handled this dire situation with intelligence and grace, and truly should be commended. She believes in dialogue vs monologue with citizens, has improved the transparency and accountability at City Hall. She is working on the revitalization of the Downtown core, as well as a comprehensive of the Housing Strategy and wants to build the framework for bringing smart jobs to Brandon. She believes that when we work together we are stronger. She is Brandon's first woman mayor.
Posted June 2011
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Frank Jackson, Mayor of Cleveland (OH), USA
From Tim M (Cleveland):
I give Mayor Jackson the highest score for rejuvinating the city but he should be more vocal about it.
Score: 10/10. Posted November 2011
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Stephen Mandel, Mayor of Edmonton, Canada
From Leon S (Edmonton): I give Mayor Mandel the lowest possible rating because: His support for multi-million dollar 2017 Edmonton Expo. His support for another multi-million dollar Arena project with a private firm using resident's/taxpayers' money. Poor performance in development of the city since 2004. Poor infrastructure overall, inadequate transportation infrastructure and LRT, bus routes/lanes. 'Excellent spender' of tax payers money with no regard for Edmontonians' pressing needs and requirements.
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011.
From Wayne Whiteside (Edmonton): I strongly favored Mayor Mandel's support for the proposal of Edmonton hosting a Worlds Fair. Unfortunately the city got torpedoed by Ottawa. Anyway, on to something else.The Mayor is, in my option, one of the biggest Edmonton Boosters around and that is not because he has to but because he truly believes in our City.
Now Mr. Mayor: I have to take you to task concerning the building proposals for the new Royal Alberta Museum. Have you seen the drawings? Really! How insulting to the people of the City and Alberta. Mr Mandel - you have to get behind this and voice your concerns. Edmonton not NOT require another Big Box design and that is what the proposals are!. You say you are an advocate for impressive new architectural buildings for your city and these proposals fly in the face of your comments. The entire proposal needs to be put on hold and a new competition held for Architects to submit some stunning, forward thinking designs for the new building. Mr Mandel, please voice your concerns!
Posted September 2011
From Graham L (Edmonton): The amount of work on the cities infrastructure is phenomenol. It seemed in the early 2000's that Edmonton was on "pause" when it came to infrastructure and city spending on things that actually benefit Edmontonians. Lately we are seeing our freeways widened and repaved, our light rail transit system is finally reaching parts of the city that it needs to, and there are plans being made to ensure every corner of the city is connected by the train system. Downtown Edmonton has seen a jump in population and has record low vacancy rates. Although this cant all be attributed to Mayor Mandel, I believe he has been a driving force behind what we are seeing in the city.
Posted April 2011
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Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles, USA
From Richard S Flores (USA): I am deeply disappointed with the Mayor's and the l.A. police department's. treatment of the peacefull Occupy L.A. protestors. I thought we lived in a country that lived by its founding constitutional principles. Your city administration is acting like a militarized police state. That is unacceptable and your administration deserves to to be thrown out of office for your illegal actions. Free the protestors now or you will suffer the politicl consequences.
Posted March 2012
From Mark Rivera (USA): Mayor Villaraigosa's Million Trees LA Initiative was an incredible step toward rejuvenating the health and environment of Los Angeles. I am incredibly thankful for that and many other steps the Mayor has taken to dramatically improve the city.
Posted August 2011
From Mary Jane H (Antelope Valley): Antonio Villaraigosa has done more for the city of Los Angeles than any other mayor. I wish to God that we had him for our mayor in the Antelope Valley! Unfortunately, I live outside of the district, and therefore I cannot cast my vote for him. However, I tell everyone in Los Angeles, regardless of their party affiliation to vote for him, because he truly loves the city of Los Angeles and the Angelinos. He has done more to unite our city than any other official. My prayer is that he will continue to stay focused and encouraged and I will continue to do everything I can to support him!
Posted August 2010
From Wanda N (Los Angeles): The mayor is turning Los Angeles into Mexico, by encouraging the use of the Spanish language, instead of English. Examples; as a practice, when he‚s speaking, the Major will either request a Spanish interpreter, or deliver the message in Spanish himself. And all of us do not wish to be referred to as "Angelinos". I feel like he is speaking to Mexicans only. Mexicans should be forced to learn proper English, including the Mayor, instead of forcing their language on us. You can't go to France and insist on everything being in English, you must learn to speak French if you plan to reside in France.
Posted August 2010
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Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, USA
From BJH (Louisville):
The mayor posted a 'Citizens Bill of Rights' on his web page then promptly ignored every single point on the darned thing as he began to take action. SAYING you listen to your constituents isn't the same as actually doing so, a lesson he should have learnt from the previous mayor. Posted September 2011
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Carlos A. Gimenez, Mayor of Miami Dade County
From Delawrence Charles Blue (Miami Dade):
He balanced the budget without raising taxes but should be working better with the board of county commissioners. Posted September 2011
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Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga, Canada
From MRW (Mississauga): The mayor has overseen the evolution of the city of Mississauga from a rural collection of small towns and communities into the sixth largest city in Canada.
Score 10/10. Posted November 2011.
From Jry (Mississauga): She has asphalted over as much farmland as possible. Bravo.
Score 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Jimmy A (Mississauga): Hazel has been mayor for 33 years because has has kept taxes low and made Mississauga a very desirable city for business to operate and flourish in.
Posted August 2011
From H B Lee (Mississauga): While having accomplished an amazing job maintaining the city in the past, Mississauga needs radical change. As of recently, Hazel McCallion is too old and the city is starting to show its flaws (although it has been going downhill slowly earlier). The city is facing increasing number of crimes, lack of tourist attractions that stand out across the country, urban sprawl is insanely terrible and the quality of public transit has gone downhill while cost skyrocketed. In addition Mississauga lacks creativity and an unique city culture that stands apart from the rest, keeping up with the major North American cities.
Posted April 2011
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Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City, USA
By LivesDowntown (NYC): The mayor sat by and let what once was a pleasant downtown park be occupied by smelly idiot protestors. No permit. No right to seize private property. No permits for their tents and porta-potties. Bloomberg's selective enforcement of laws allows a fetid public nuisance to drag on indefinitely, without any plan. Is he waiting for a blizzard or another hurricane? Is he waiting until after some social or public health disaster occurs? Is he waiting to grow enough backbone to act?
Score 2/10. Posted November 2011
From S Dickson (USA): Mayor Bloomberg's worst mistake is his decision concerning the 9/11 anniversary ceremony. The destruction of the twin towers affected more than New Yorkers. Everyone in the U.S. suffered in one way or another. Clergy should be involved in the ceremony. Attendance at churches doubled after 9/11 as people felt the need to take their troubles to God. I believe the majority of the people want some clergy involved.
Posted September 2011
From Mae (USA): Mayor Bloomberg's decision not to have clergy at the 9/11 Memorial was deplorable. He cannot take God out of America. America is a country that God allowed us to have and we just cannot under such circumstances try not to have God present at the Memorial. America is a country under God and New York is in America the last time I looked at a map. I pray that he will reverse his decision so America will not be shamed by this one man.
Posted September 2011
From P Drake (USA): Mayor Bloomberg has created more green spaces and malls in the city but his real estate decisions benefited landlords at the expense of tenants.
Posted September 2011
From T Washington (NYC): Mayor Bloomberg took police protection away from anywhere above 86th street. I live in the Bronx where there isn't a cop in sight. Look at all the deaths in the outer boroughs. His denial of the homelessness in New York City which he has turned into big business for his $ friends. He thinks that New Yorkers are stupid. Example: he spent millions to improve his image does he really think people believed it.
Posted August 2011
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Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh, USA
From Bobby (USA): I personally feel the mayor did a real fine job handling the big snow fall issue 2010.It was a weather related issue that was totally not his fault. He did everything possible to help the residents of Pittsburgh during that weather situation.I feel he has done a superb job as mayor and hope he has many years ahead to govern Pittsburgh as Mayor.
Posted August 2011
From John W (Pittsburgh): Full marks for Mayor Ravenstahl's expertise and input into the current Pittsburgh Promise program, which will help a great number of our youth including my son, go to college, with finacial aid, in terms of thousands of dollars over a 4 year educational period, in a top ranked school,in the state of Pennsylvania.
Posted January 2011
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Sam Adams, Mayor of Portland, USA
From Cameron Whitten (Portland): BEST: Restructuring of the Portland Development Commission; Increased International Investment; Environmental Sustainability; Designing the Portland Plan. WORST: Failure to address police reform despite numerous police shootings.
Score 4/10 Posted March 2012
From Sharon Davis (Portland): Mayor Adams, while under great duress due to several intrusive factions that were intent upon creating violence, created and implemented a plan for "Occupy Portland" that deflected any violence and confrontations with law enforcment, and created agreements between the official protesters that allowed for peaceful resolution of the protest and even had the protesters voluntary involvement in the clean up of their protest camps that they had occupied for 5 weeks. Mayor Adams is truly an honorable man and city official!
Score 10/10. Posted November 2011
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Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, Canada
From J White (Toronto): I cannot think of a single positive acievement or action on Mayor Ford's part. His bad decisions are numerous. To mention a few: Alienating the entire literary community by stating he wouldn't recognise Margaret Atwood if he passed her on the street. More importantly, threatening to close public libraries, art centres, historic public buildings, municipal swimming pools... The list is endless. Even the Toronto Zoo is under threat. Recently built bike lanes are to be removed downtown. By the time Rob Ford's term is over, we'll be living in a city devoid of pretty much everything that makes Toronto a great city to live in.
Score: 1/10. Posted November 2011.
From A Gabb (Toronto): The worst decisions of Mayor Ford have been: Backing down on the cost reduction programs; Not eliminating hours banking working practices; Not freezing pay increases, benefits and cola; Not reducing headcount senior, executive, administrative/managerial enough; Not re-purposing the role of city goverment; Cutting plans for public transportation (subways).
Score: 1/10. Posted November 2011
From I S (Toronto): The mayor has destroyed years of city and government planning for "Transit City" and thereby sent the city back years and wasted millions in respect to Toronto's failing public transit system.
Score: 1/10. Posted November 2011
From Theresa (Canada): Rob Ford hasn't done much just a lot of empty conservative rhetoric. Appears to have zero grasp of the serious issues facing the city and how to proceed.
Posted September 2011
From I M (Canada): Between dismantling the bike paths, snubbing the pride parade and voting against aid, Rob Ford's term of office reads like a wrap sheet of shame. As a councillor under the left-leaning administration of Miller, Ford regularly voted alone against spending he believed was unnecessary or wasteful, including the grants programs. As mayor, he was the sole vote against accepting provincial money for an effort to combat HIV and syphilis.
Posted August 2011
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Walt Maddox, Mayor of Tuscaloosa, USA
From Susan Ayers (Tuscaloosa): Mayor Maddox has always shown exceptional leadership and compassion for the citizens. After the April 27th tornado that ripped thru his beloved city, Mayor Maddox was the epitome of an outstanding leader. His faith, compassion and organizational skills were put to the ultimate test. The damage from this tornado was graded the same as 9/11 and worse than Katrina. He has continued to lead this community forward, despite incredible obstacles.
Posted August 2011
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Sam Katz, Mayor of Winnipeg, Canada
From Mike Fabian (Winnipeg): Sam is a progressive forward thinker that have done many great things in his terms for the City of Winnipeg. Projects like the revitalization of the downtown, the new Human Rights Museum will attract thousands of vistors to Winnipeg annually and the return of NHL hockey to mention a few.
Posted August 2011
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