Marcelo Ebrard, Mayor of Mexico City

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How good is Mayor Marcelo Ebrard?
Mayor of Mexico City, Mexico

City Mayors invites its readers to assess the performance in office of Marcelo Ebrard, Mayor of Mexico City. Please rate his overall performance by awarding him marks out of ten. '1' signifies an extremely poor performance, while '10' would rate his performance as outstanding. Please also provide details of what in your opinion are the mayor’s best and worst decisions.

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Please assess Mayor Ebrard not more than once a month. In order to eliminate multiple submissions and/or fraudulent as well as organised rating by political friends and foes of the mayor, all submissions are processed manually and, if deemed questionable, cross-checked. Thank you for participating. How good is Mayor Ebrard? You decide!

Performance index:
June 2011: 7.12 points out of 10
January 2011: 7.07 points out of 10
November 2010: 7.10 points out of 10
August 2010: 7.24 point out of 10
July 2010: 7.19 points out of 10
June 2010: 7.08 points out of 10
May 2010: 7.12 points out of 10
March 2010: 7.07 points out of 10
February 2010: 6.94 points out of 10
January 2010: 6.88 points out of 10
December 2009: 6.67 points out of 10
November 2009: 6.52 points out of 10
October 2009: 6.21 points out of 10
August 2009: 6.09 points out of 10
July 2009: 5.42 Points out of 10
June 2009: 5.53 points out of 10
April 2009: 6.14 points out of 10

Thumbs up:
• Iker (Mexico City): Ebrard has invested a lot on public transportation, with massive projects around the city. He has also promoted a more plural society and has seen environmental policy as a priority.
• Marina S (Mexico City): Ebrard´s greatest achievement is based in the excelent relationship he have developed his diplomacy and strenght of character that have permitted a good managed of political and social enviroments. It is a kind of "everybody can agree between them, there aren´t anything imposible" "in order and step, by step" "we are making the most convenient for everyone". The city feels confortable despite all the road works that we are facing and the people is happy despite all things we are living. Marcelo has developed Human rights, Major infrastructure works (transportation, water), implementation of constructiveness programs of leisure that makes mental happiness for those deprived social classes, support to education, between others not less importants.
• From Juan Carlos (Mexico City): He has engaged very important social liberal policies despite dogmatic opossition from fan-religious groups. Also, programs of scolarships have been positively ground breaking. We also need to mention the improvement of Metrobus transport service he made comparing him with the previous mayor.
Another important fact is that he has talked with Mexico City Autonomus University authorities, and made his contribution -without breaking its autonomy- to get it out of its previous direction, that was leading them nowhere (I have not have, neither have right now any relation with this new University, but I do recognise what has happened).
And very important, in spite of being a member of the so called leftist party PRD (false-left, dogmatic and bureocratic people) he has proved to be quite different from what is the common currency in that party (he is a strange yet desirable mixture of liberality and sociality).
He may not be the perfect politician (as an example, the Supervia program is a mistake he made we cannot ignore and just let it pass, too bad this action takes away the credit his government had managed to achieve thanks to good environmental politics, except the last one of course), but certainly he is top among WORLD politicians nowadays.
• Andrew (Outside Mexico): This guy is amazing standing up for justice and civil liberties of all people and standing against the tyranny of corrupt religious leaders. Good job!
• Jose de Jesus M R (Mexico City): A very important achievement has been the support young people with scholarships, because today the young people are lost in the streets for lack of resources to study and go in search if a job to help their families.
• Karina M O (Mexico City): Mayor Ebrard is implementing a lot of new ideas and programs for the mexican society, one of the best is in security, he implement scholarships for all the young people, so, instead of stealing... studying...... oportunity for everyone.
• Deak K (Mexico City): Ebrard should be Mexico's next President.
• Rodolfo (Mexico City): The outstanding handling of the limited resources that the federal government provides to the city. With limited resources Ebrard manages to give support to the education, transport, social security, hospitals and a long list of achievements without increasing the debt of the city. Congratulations Marcelo Ebrard
• Octavio (Mexico City): Rights for vulnerable people and minorities, such as single mothers, homosexuals. Laws that allow abortion, marriage between homosexuals, adoption for homosexuals, quick track divorce, unemployment insurance, rights and state aids for the elderly and very poor. He has given continuity to his predecessor Lopez Obrador's most important contributions such as efficient mass transport, bike programs and so on.
• Frederico S S (Mexico City): Our mayor is very courageous in supporting gay marriage in a catholic country.
• Olivia (Mexico City):
He has promoted human rights and social programs.
• Hernando B M (Mexico City): Mayor Ebrard has fought for a world climate deal in Copenhagen. He has done his city and country proud.
• El explicador político (Mexico City): Continuidad de los programas implementados en la administración anterior.
• Alicia E: (Mexico City):
La del agua y el problema de la basura. Es tranquilo y sereno
• Roberto (Outside Mexico):
Dealing with street vendors, Public transport improvements (mainly introducing new intelligent bus routes).
• John P (Outside Mexico) I met Mayor Ebrard and worked for him when he was the Police Commisioner of Mexico City. I think he is a great man with lots of integrity the people of Mexico City should be proud. If anyone has the ability to make change it is Mayor Ebrard.
• Santiago B (Mexicot City): Human rights promotion - Major infrastructure works (transportation, water) - Fostering tolerance
• Shengliang J (Outside Mexico): 1.Mexico City has become more international. 2.he joined the PRD under Obrador and is able to unify it without Obrador.
• Pablo (Mexico City): Mr. Ebrard's office has made great efforts in putting some order to the chaotic Mexico City. We in Mexico have grown accustomed to living in chaos, where everyone does as he pleases. The current local goverment is trying hard to put a reign on troublesome sectors and bring the city to order.
• Eduardo J A (Mexico City): Marcelo Ebrard is having a good performance as local authority. We must take into account he has a 6 year time period, long enough for getting achievements. As Mexico City's dweller I appreciate two features of his administration I like the most. One, a managing vision as a world class city and not as a rural village. That implies even finding Mexico City in this web page. A concern for attending demands of all people, strategic investments. One must recognize Ebrard's leadership and interlocution skills for governance. I find Ebrard is having in mind a long term vision for the city, besides the short run necessary actions.
• Daniel (Mexico City): Mayor Ebrard has being spending our taxes on social benefit projects for the poor like renewing busses for public transportation, renewing avenues and so on, but schools still being such a secondary interest in local governments.
• Ulises C, Mexico City: Sorting out traffic conflicts and dealing with unlicensed merchants.
• Julio I, Mexico City: Promoting progressive legislation, public infrastructure.
• Jose Miguel G (Mexico City): He continues the rescue of Mexico city's historical center, which was initiated by former mayor López Obrador.
• Simon L (From outside Mexico City): Promoting and using energy efficient vehicles to reduce governments carbon footprint

Thumbs down:
• Ricardo A (Mexico City): The biggest mistake is to charge for owning cars, and then he doesnt allow to use it for 5 days in a month. Here in Mexico City, I don't know a person that thinks he is a good Mayor.
• Iker (Mexico City): Failing once and again dealing with drainage in the city. Every rainy season, the city collapses. Also, the giant ice skating court he puts in the Zocalo every year, that's just a show off movement no one needs, and I imagine expensive as hell
• From Ricardo O (Mexico City): Ebrard is only interested in becoming a presidential candidate.
• From Angelita DGV (Mexico City): Ebrard is promoting dependency on government assistance to the youngest population of Mexico City and lacks incentives for this age group to study harder. In fact, Ebrard promotes waste of time with free entertaintment activities like ice-skating (not a very green idea under the tropical sun of Mexico City) with a waiting line of FOUR hours in order to skate 30 minutes at the main plaza or Zocalo. Imagine 40,000 people every day waiting for a non-natural passtime like ice-skating!!! ABSURD!!
• From Patricia V L (Mexico City): Mr. Ebrard is abusing and taking advantage of all the power and money México City's government provides. He is luanching today his pre-pre-pre-campaign to be a presidential candidate for the 2012 election race. He is taking a headstart that nobody else can and it is possible due to lack of laws to prevent this discretional use of public funds, public space, and public contact. Ebrard is holding from three to four public events everyday with a movielike parafernalia that results as the most exhuberant propaganda any candidate would expect from any public activity. He is abusing his position as mayor of the largest city in the world for his own benefit, but not for the benefit of the people.
• Jonathan O (Mexico City): I urge you to take into consideration prior even consider Mr. Ebrard for any possible award that since the very beginning of his administration he has made every effort to, literally, exterminate all green areas in the city, cutting trees left and right, all in the name of "modernity".
He has also created the most chaotic ways to stop the people in Mexico city from freely go through the different streets and avenues, by creating alleged new means of transportation which have only resulted in poor service and a series of inconviniences for those who have to use them, and even for those who don't. Poor jugdment and, definately, no planning whatsoever in all and every decision regarding this.
• Rosa Ma G (Mexico City): Marcelo Ebrard has just committed a social crime because he wants to build a toll-highway through green soils of the west side of Mexico City called Magdalena Contreras. He has decided to destroy a community--neighborhood called La Malinche--and from one day to the other he expelled the neighbors from their homes. He did worst than that because he paid neighbors of nearby areas to destroy the houses with hand instruments (mazos, picos y palas). This is the worst destruction of the social net anyone can imagine from a mayor that supposedly embraces the "left".
• M Carmen (Outside Mexico): Atacar a la Iglesia Catolica! No importa si esta fuera Musulmana, Budista, o cualquiera otra. Su poca etica demuestra claramente su posicion en referencia a la adopcion que el pais permite.
Homosexuales adoptando ninos? Acto criminal y cobarde, que tendra repercucion en generaciones venideras. Ofenderse porque alguien expresa su opinion? Increible la ignorancia de este ejecutivo, quien piensa que el unico que tiene derecho a expresar lo que piensa es el. Vergonzoso y desmoralizador, para un pais tan grande como lo es Mexico. Tradicionalmente conocido en todo el mundo por sus valores familiares. Increible es que en pleno siglo XX aun tenga Mexico la desgracia de tener representantes tan mediocres e irresponsables como este senor.
• David S (Outside Mexico): For promoting same sex marriage. homosexuality is not compatible with marriage. by putting alongside marriage, it hurts the value and dignity that marriage has. we love people who must deal with homosexual tendencies but we do not promote homosexual lifestyles since it is contrary to our nature.
• Jose de Jesus M R (Mexico City): A serious error has been the lack of drinking water for the settlers of Iztapalapa.
• Marco C (Mexico City): 1. Porque ha impulsado como la prioridad 1 de inversión fiscal el transporte público.
2. Porque ha logrado el primer lugar en transparencia de la administración pública en el país.
3. Porque ha sido el único Jefe de Gobierno que se atrevió a reestructurar las tarifas de agua para no dejar quebrar al sistema y que valoremos este recurso.
4. Porque ha limpiado el centro de ambulantes.
5. Porque ha promovido las bicicletas como nunca antes.
6. Porque ante la crisis del virus AH1N1 supo como controlar la expansión y tomó decisiones drásticas para evitar el contagio masivo.
7. Porque ha duplicado el presupuesto para medio ambiente y es una de sus prioridades gubernamentales.
8. Porque ha desplegado un liderazgo internacional en el combate al cambio climático.
9. Porque promueve una de las políticas sociales más importantes del mundo.
10. Porque ha reposicionado a la Ciudad de México como una ciudad de clase mundial (turismo, competitividad, desarrollo económico)
• PVL (Mexico City): Ebrard has decided and has directly assigned the profitable construction of a toll Highway called Supervía Poniente together with a second floor on the West side of the City which will no doubt affect the green and conservation soils of the area which are important water refills through hills and water streams. Ebrard decided alone with no citizens opinion or knowledge about asigning the millionaire contract. He is the boss and he has not listen second opinions about the poor solution second floors and highways result since cientific studies have proven that public transportation is the best solution to traffic problems and not with toll highways that only the privilege the use of cars.
• PVL (Mexico City): Marcelo Ebrard has been lazy solving the waste of the city which sums 12,500 tons of garbag every day, yes, everyday. He keeps sending it to an overloaded landfill north of the city that has been ordered to be closed by Federal Authorities and Ebrard won't listen. He has been in office three years now and he is not facing the problem. He should have started teaching and demanding from the citizens more responsibility regarding our garbage disposal. No, he hasn't because he wants to solve the problem with incineration for which he has faced public opposition, so he thinks that by ignoring the problem, it doesn't exist. But, it is there and adding up every day. There is no recycling program, there are several organizations who have asked him to instrument a Basura Cero (Cero Waste) program, at least to start the organization, the education of the citizens to enhance their awareness of the problem and their responsability to solve it but he is threathening the city with a plan to install 13 incinerators to dispose of the waste. This idea is an ecocide since
México City is located in a Valley surrounded by mountains which prevent winds to clean toxic and dioxine-like smoke to be clean from the environment. Imagine 13 waste incinerators!!!
• Eugenia (Mexico City): He doesn´t take seriously what it means tactful, responsible and coherent civil servant.
• Juan Martin M (Mexico City): Ebrard is playing with poor people and with a false populism speech, as always the people from PRD party are always looking for their personal interests buying votes from our majority ignorant population specifically in Mexico City. Transportation & Infrastructure?? I invite you to come to Mexico City and try to catch a pesero (small buses with no rules nor assigned bus stops)or try to go to downtown (zocalo) to see how or streets are invaded with informal sales people selling all kind of pirate articles.
• Desperado (Mexico City): First: he tries to pursuit a railroad inside Centro Histórico, damaging the streets 4 siecles old , and does not hear any voice against
second: 12 thousand tons of garbage go to an air open deposit every day, because the mayor does not follow the laws in that matter
third: to much public money in "social programs" in order to grow the number of members registed in his party.
fourth: any good and real policy in order to make less dificult the city traffic
• Patricia (Mexico City): His worst mistake is enhancing his political figure with the false illusion that he will be in 2012 México's next President.
• Rodolfo (Mexico City): The security issues related with a bad training and corruption of certain sectors of the police force. One of the most notorious examples is the New´s Divine affair, where some teenager died due to a wrong management by the police forces of an otherwise simple inspection .
• Octavio (Mexico City): Ebrad tend to announce very spectacular programs that often become forgotten such as massive free internet for the city, massive police speed controls (electronic radars), alcohol detections for drivers, etc. Police and the Justice System continues to be corrupt and extremely inefficient and unfair. His two worst initiatives have been the obligation for car owners to contract a Satellite Location System and the new non state mediated solution for car crashes, that prevents a citizen from demanding the responsible of a car accident when there are no injured. Damage to the property has to be resolved personally.
• El explicador político (Mexico City): Perfil de los servidores públicos del gabinete. Excesiva burocracia. Crecimiento desmesurado de la estructura de gobierno. Desorden administrativo.
• Roberto (Outside Mexico): Security is still the biggest issue, but has to be tackled nationally
• Alejandra D (Mexico City): I'm a native of Mexico City and each time a visit my family (twice a year)in Mexico City, I hate to see my hometown covered with graffitti.....The city govenment does not do a thing to discourage this awful practice. In general my city looks each year worse from the previous year....
• Shengliang J (Outside Mexico): 1 public security problem. 2. economic inequality and polarization. 3. less collaborations with rural Mexico state.
• Pablo (Mexico City): Because of political ideologies, mayor Ebrard has a very poor relationship with the federal goverment, which ultimately hurts the citizens as they cannot work well together.
• Eduardo J A (Mexico City): Making great changes in Mexico City as a whole, including all metropolitan municipalities not belonging to the Federal District ruled by Ebrard, as well as the own Federal District, is as difficult as changing an iceberg trajectory. That is why the long term vision is important but Ebrard is also failing in address some vital long term issues such as keeping the rural zones because of their environmental contribution instead of generating real estate developments. That is an awful mistake related to the power of developers, ecocomic power Ebrard will need for his aspirations for the 2012 national presidential elections, among others. Stop Tlahuac and Milpa Alta destruction!! We need an improved, realistic urban policy not leaded by incompetent architects linked with developers' interest.
• Daniel (Mexico City): He is irrespectful to our Presidential figure. He does not want to talk face to face with the Mexico´s President. Such a crying boy. That´s the last think he needs to do if he want´s to win the respect of the population.
• Cecilia M, Mexico City: Mexico City has very big urban trouble. It´s not easy to solve or manage them. It´s necessary to get everybody´s participation. Nevertheless, Mr. Ebrard hasn´t understood that he can´t make Mexican citizens accept any change made in their city without their approval. It seems that he and his people of the same beliefs make decisions without consulting us. Besides, it´s important to improve and support the infrastructure that Mexico City already has, many of them only work thanks to the responsibility of some public server.
• Ulises C, Mexico City: Mayor Ebrard's constant conflicts with the federal gouverment due to politicals ideologies. Sometimes he gives the impression of being in oppostion rather than in office.
• Julio I, Mexico City: Not solving solid waste disposal and the lack of recycling initiatives
• Jose Miguel G (Mexico City): Un-coordinated road works
• Saul R (Mexico City): Spending public money on his own promotion.

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