Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City

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How good is Mayor Michael Bloomberg?
Mayor of New York City, USA

City Mayors invites its readers to assess the performance in office of Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City. Please rate his overall performance by awarding him marks out of ten. '1' signifies an extremely poor performance, while '10' would rate his performance as outstanding. Please also provide details of what in your opinion are the mayor’s best and worst decisions.

Over time, Mayor Monitor will provide a valuable track record of the mayor's successes and failures as well as his popularity among residents and a wider public. The results will be published on the City Mayors website and updated regularly.

Please assess Mayor Bloomberg not more than once a month. In order to eliminate multiple submissions and/or fraudulent as well as organised rating by political friends and foes of the mayor, all submissions are processed manually and, if deemed questionable, cross-checked. Thank you for participating. How good is Mayor Michael Bloomberg?

Performance index:
June 2011: 5.03 points out of 10
April 2011: 4.99 points out of 10
Janaury 2011: 5.11 points out of 10
November 2010: 5.26 points out of 10
August 2010: 5.31 points out of 10
June 2010: 5,63 points our of 10
April 2010: 5.70 points out of 10
March 2010: 5.69 points out 10
February 2010: 5.71 points out of 10
January 2010: 5.77 points out of 10
December 2009: 5.60 points out of 10
November 2009: 5.89 points out of 10
October 2009: 5.55 points out of 10
August 2009: 5.34 points out of 10
July 2009: 5.22 points out of 10
June 2009: 5.20 points out of 10

April 2009: 4.68 points out of 10
January 2009: 5.61 points out of 10

Thumbs up:
Victor S (NYC): Keeping crime down by 13% in the last 9 yrs but crime is on the rise again and he needs to do a little more about the NYPD harassment!
• Richard T (NYC): Taking no salary,A man not effected by greed is someone you can work with and trust. And there is no greater achievement,if he make's a mistake,you can work with him,But greed being the worst instinct of man,well good luck with that one.But some one that's not looking for gratuities from pension funds and special interest groups.Is a man you can trust, and thats a ten in my book
• David S C (NYC): I have nothing but admiration for Michael Bloomberg's courage to defend tolerance and religious freedom for all.
• D M (NYC): The 411 information system
• Joan C (NYC): Mayor Bloomberg has played a major role in decreasing the crime rate in New York and that matters most. Decent and hardworking citizens want to feel safe within their neighborhoods and he has created such an environment over the years.
• Steve S (Outside the US): To increase the use of public transportation and bicycles in the city.
• Anon (NYC): Ban on smoking
• E R (NYC): I wished he could be our Mayor forever
• Lilly R, (NYC): Mayor Bloomberg he is very assertive, I may not agree in everything he does but in general I think New York City has improved in many ways while he has been in command.
• NJen: Relentless pursuit on making NYC a green city.
• Raj K (Outside the US): The mayor has a good record of serving the poor and needy.
• Bolton (Outside NYC): The ban on smoking.
• Juan E C (NYC): Bascially he creates his' own income A big plus for that one. Bloomberg is the best, better than the rest, thank God for having him as our Mayor; I read and saw his work to the City of New York, everyone eats from the pie don't matter what color or race. He treats everyone the same regardless the situation or condition I will always support him. Afterall I served twenty years behind bars for my childish behavior or mistakes I made in the past, However I need to continue doing and teach the young about the streets, this is something very important never look back keep moving forward one step at a time, five years on Parole with no violations, yes I am doing something good working very hard.
• K Ryan (NYC): Mayor Bloomberg has been a mediocre mayor at best but his best decision was to set up a phone number, 311, for residents to report non-emergency problems.
• El Lesko: Create massive, affordable municipal car parking facilities, which allow one to get to NYC, park ones car there and then proceed by public transport.
• Create legitimate shelters for homeless people so they don't have to wander aimlessly through the streets
• Anon, NYC: Busting the Board of Education,

Thumbs down:
• KF (NYC): Bloomberg makes many mistakes but one of his most significant is only taking his precious Manhattan into consideration when deciding to keep schools open during storms. Many teachers, families and children have been seriously hurt by the poor road and sidewalk conditions. They are forced to go into work and school because Bloomberg forgets that NYC has four boroughs in addition to Manhattan and those boroughs are NEVER in the same condition. For every decision he makes to keep schools open in treacherous weather, he highlights that his priority is money and not the safety of people.
• ZW (NYC): Parking tickets to raise revenue rather than to stop illegal parking.
• William B (NYC): 2010 Blizzard. Presently at City Council hearings and Federal Investigation.
Victor S (NYC): Cuttin 8% of city workers jobs and leeting the NY transit system top guns lay over 500 wokers and still keep there salaries, people are losing there jobs fast and he's sitting on billions. No good mayor bloomberg, this city needs help and so do the people who elected you!
• Janice B (NYC): Mayor Bloomberg's approach to running NYC government as a private sector CEO has dampened resident participation in decision making. Parents have less input into education decisions, community residents have less say on local development decisions. Public protest on the steps of City Hall is a form of expression now in the past. More efficiency; less democracy.
• Jane A (NYC): Dictator even to point where he is telling us how to eat and what to eat, what to weight, that smokers cannot smoke even outdoors. He does not respect people. He does not respect the rights of people. It is his way or no way. He is a dangerous man and must not go any further than Mayor of NY City. He served his 2 terms and overturned the law so that I could keep going as Dictator. He got away with it. I have spoken to people from other states and parts of NY State. They don't like him for doing this. This is a sign of what can happen to this country. Bloomberg dictates. He has no respect for the views of other people or for the rights of others.
• Mrs G (USA): Supporting the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero will be Mayor Bloomburgs' undoing. All the good he has down will have been for naught. It is offensive to New Yorker's and to the entire nation. This is not a matter of prejudice, racism or bigotry. This is a matter of history. It took Spain centuries to rid themselves of the Moors (Cordova the seat of Islam). This is a religious and cultural dominance; it is an insidious movement against the western world and to ignore the facts is naive, foolish, ignorant and very dangerous.
• Peter D (NYC): The decision to back the building of the mosque at the site of the greatest tragedy in US history. You got to be kidding. Read the Koran and see why mosques were built on top of churches when Muslim armies comquered Christian countries? Why would you let this be built and not support a nativity scene being placed in the same place? Why would you dishonor all those fireman, policeman, and citizens of NYC. You have no heart and you are naive to those who are laughing at your ignorance. Sorry mayor but you are a fool.
• Lucille G (USA): In my opinion Mayor Bloomberg is making the bigest mistake in his life and in our life.Saying the mosquoe should be built on Ground Zero where our innocent people were killed and their remains are there is despicable. Mayor Bloomberg You are not listening to the people of America that voted you to office -shame on you-shame on you!!that is scared ground to us nothing I am saying that has anything to do with religion-The muslins can build on a different plot of ground.
• Sally M (NYC): Too many to mention: Mayoral control of the public schools has been a disaster, having the term limits law overturned so that the Maor could run for a third term, no bid contracts.
• Jane (NYC): Billionaire Bloomberg hurts NYC's most vulnerable, the poor, disabled and homeless, over and over again. He sides with the filthy rich, like him, over and over again. It's so obvious he wants all the poor out of NYC, unable to afford or buy food here so the rich won't have to look at them.
• Frank B (NYC): Soda tax
• S M (NYC): Mayoral control- reorganizing the public school systems, closing community public schools, instituting charter schools.
• L A (NYC): During these hard economic times he does not spend our money wisely and taxes and taxes and taxes us. He throws kerosene on the fire. He causes pain on to of pain to the public. He seems not to understand or care.

• Steve S (Outside the US): for changing the election laws in order to run for a third term.
• Anon (NYC): Disregarded term limits.....Building a stadium for the yankees.
• Anon (NYC): The killing of geese is bad. Stop it. Please relocate them with the help of the unemployed and volunteers
• Lilly R: I think health benefits for retired people such as Dental Plan for some of us it is impossible to get and should be revised. We are poor, work, do what is right and at the end we are unable to get anything. People who have never worked get all the benefits that I am unable to receive. What is wrong with this picture?
S M (NYC): Definitely his worst mistake was changing the term limits law against the will of the people. That will be his legacy that he tried to turn democracy into a dictatorship.
Also, his handling of the schools is a mess. Under his rule, New York City schools came in 11 out of 12 urban schools. What he has done is unfair to the students and because of the mess he made, generations will suffer.
I believe that he has constantly and consistently wasted the tax payers money. The taxpapers of New York will be losing money for 40 years because of the deal he made with the yankees.
If if was up to him there would only be two classes the rich (him) and the poor. He is doing everything in his power to ruin the Middle Class, high property taxes and water bills. He is also hurting the poor by refusing to take Federal money for food stamps for the citizens of New York.
mmh (NYC): He has not kept in touch with the working class.
Russell T H (NYC): The mayor's greatest mistake since taking office was to refuse to share the secret of his own financial success with the rest of New York. Elected to guide the city to financial success, his failure is obvious. Also one may question why such a kind philanthropist/shrewd business man who has increased his wealth by an estimated 8.4 billion dollars, would keep such a secret? After all, he so loves the city that he has refused a salary. If there is a conflict of interest, the people should know about it and; if he really is that smart, then why won't he help the City.
Former mayor Ed Koch termed Rudolph Giuliani the living definition of a, "vampire." He earned the title of Count as a result of his cold and insensitive demeanor. Under Giuliani, the city lost a good deal of it's aestheticism. Shockingly, under Mayor Bloomberg, we are witnessing the possible loss of an institution, a profession, an art form:
The New York Times.
Yet Mayor Bloomberg continues to profit from his position as Mayor: exactly how many contracts do his, "blind trusts" have with the city of New York?
• Bolton (Outside NYC): I disagree with Mayor Bloomberg trying to change the mayoral term limits. His time is up Nov 2009 and he should move on and let someone new fill the position. As a voter, I am against this effort and will vote or rally against any attempt to change this 15 year old law. It was put into effect for a reason and that reason should be strictly adhered to.
• Capalbo (NYC): I disagree with Mayor Bloomberg trying to change the mayoral term limits.
• BMC (NYC): Assuming he is a man of the people
• K Ryan (NYC): The mayor's worst decision was in trying to cement his legacy by pushing for the Olympics and the development of new stadiums despite polls that indicated that most New Yorkers were against the idea. Overall, his business management approach has been somewhat benign so, when compared to the tyrannical Giuliani regime that preceded his administration, Bloomberg looks good when his management and especially his leadership has actually been middling.
• Richard R: He is helping to force the middle class population, which has been a big part of New York City, out of this city, especially the outer boroughs for a long time. His friendship with develepors has led to the enormous number of construction sites, which in turn has more and more shoddy construction companies getting jobs when they shouldn't. This has lead to many accidents.
• El Lesko: Going crazy with parking tickets as means of raising money.
• Creating laws that harrass average citizens as opposed to criminals. For example: No bags on subway seats; Recycling laws and fines.
• Anon, NYC: Being totally Bottom Line minded. Forgetting that NYC has humans living in and not things occupying investment territory.

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