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Argentine Mayors
Researched and edited by Alidad Vassigh (1)

14 September 2013: Argentina has 23 provinces and 2,112 municipalities (1998) including the capital, a separate entity termed Autonomous City. Mayors are elected for four years; many current incumbents were elected in 2011 (some in polls coinciding with general elections on 23 October), taking office in December. Constitutional reforms in 1994 enshrined the principle of municipal autonomy, whose norms are set in the municipality’s Organic Charter.

This has produced multiple local-government regimes in frameworks set by provincial laws that specify the prerequisites and scope of municipal autonomy. The main requirement pertains to the number of residents; while some provinces like Chubut will allow municipalities of 1,000 residents or more to become autonomous, others permit this for municipalities with at least 10 or 20,000 residents. Provincial parliaments must approve municipal charters. By 2010, 144 municipalities were reported to have Organic Charters. Those not eligible for autonomy, or which have not become autonomous, are governed by their province’s Organic Law.

Municipalities generally have few powers and little financial muscle. They are usually responsible for defining land use, zoning, regulating pollution, waste collection, urban hygiene, lighting, street conservation and sewage. They have tended to suffer from a lack of financial resources. Although they have two sources of income, including user fees, they rely mostly on transfers from provincial governments.

Mayors of the largest cities in Argentina
Additional notes below the table
City, size
and website
(Mr, Ms)
and Politcs
Almirante Brown
(Buenos Aires) (3)
Population 552,902 (2)
Almirante Brown
Ruben Darío Giustozzi (Mr) Elected 2007, Oct. 2011, term to 2015 Born 1964
Party: Frente para la Victoria (FPV) (4)
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 342,677
Jorge Ferraresi (Mr) Acting mayor 2009, elected Oct 2011 Born 1961
1994-99 Public Works and Services Secretary of Avellanada; elected municipal council 2007.
Party: Partido Justicialista PJ
Bahía Blanca
(Bahía Blanca-Cerri aglomerado)
Popl: 301,572
www.bahiablanca.gov.ar ;
Gustavo José Bevilacqua (Mr) Acting mayor from December 2011, replaced Cristian Breitenstein who took up ministerial post in Buenos Aires province Born 1962, lawyer, public posts in Bahía Blanca from 2006, elected councilman 2011 heading FPV list.
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 324,244
Juan Patricio Mussi Acting mayor Dec. 2010, elected 2011, took office 12 Dec. 2011 Born Oct 1977, lawyer, graduated 2003 Zamora Lomas University; voted councilman 2005, 2007
Buenos Aires
(Autonomous city and federal capital)
Population: 2,890,151 (2010)
www. buenosaires.gob.ar
Mauricio Macri (Mr) Head of Buenos Aires government since 2007, reelected July 2011 Born 1959, member national parliament for city of Buenos Aires 2005-7. Founded Compromiso por el Cambio 2003.  This merged in 2005 with other parties to form liberal/conservative Propuesta Republicana
(Gran Córdoba aglomerado)
Popl: 1,329,604 (2010)
Ramón Javier Mestre (Mr) Elected 18 September 2011, term 2011-15 Born 1972, lawyer, son of Ramón Bautista Mestre mayor of Córdoba 1983-91 and provincial governor 1995-99. Councilman 2007-9. Party: UCR (Unión Cívica Radical)
(Corrientes aglomerado)
Popl: 358,223 (2010)
Carlos Mauricio Espínola (Mr) Elected 2009, to be FPV candidate for Corrientes provincial governorate in Sept 2013 polls Born 1971, former yachtsman, four Olympic medals
Party: FPV-PJ
Esteban Echeverría
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 300,959
Esteban Echeverría
Fernando Javier Gray (Mr) Elected Oct 2007, Oct 2011 Born 1970
2002-2007 Social Communication Secretary of Social Development Ministry
Party: PJ-FPV
Florencio Varela
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 426,005
Florencia Varela
Julio César Pereyra (Mr) Acting mayor 1992 (elected 1993, 95, 99, 2003, 07, 2011) Born 1951
President FAM (Argentine Federation of Municipalities) since 2003, of FLACMA (Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Associations) since 2010
Party: PJ-FPV
General Pueyrredón
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 618,989
General Pueyrredón
Gustavo Arnaldo Pulti (Mr) Elected 2007, 2011 Born 1961
Accountant, councilman Pueyrredón 1989-2007
Party: Acción Marplatense
General San Martín
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 414,196
General San Martín
Gabriel Katopodis (Mr) Elected 23 Oct 2011, took office 9 Dec 2011 Born 1967
Lawyer, 2003-6 worked Argentine Social Development Ministry, 2007 ministry's Undersecretary in Buenos Aires province; politics lecturer Buenos Aires University
Party: Frente Renovador
(Guaymallén, Mendoza)
Popl: 283,803
Alejandro Abraham (Mr) Elected 2007, 2011 Born 1960
PJ President Mendoza province, aspirant national parliament for Oct 2013 polls
La Matanza
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 1,775,816
La Matanza
Tomas Fernando Espinoza (Mr) Acting mayor 2005, elected 28 Oct 2007, 23 Oct 2011 Councilman 1999-2005, president municipal council 2002-5
La Plata
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 654,324
La Plata
Oscar Pablo Bruera (Mr) Elected 28 Oct 2007, 2011 Born 1964
Lawyer, councilman 1997-2005, 2005-7 member provincial assembly
Party: PJ, Frente Renovador, Partido del Progreso Social
(Gran Buenos Aires)
Population: 459,263
Darío Díaz Pérez (Mr) Elected 2007, 2011 Born 195
Dentist and politician; PJ Secretary in Lanús 1997-2005. Member Buenos Aires provincial assembly 2005-9
Party: FPV-PJ
Lomas de Zamora
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 616,279
Lomas de Zamora
Martín Insaurralde (Mr) Acting mayor from Oct 2009, elected 23 Oct 2011 Born 1970
(candidate parliamentary elections 27 Oct 2013)
Party: PJ-FPV
Malvinas Argentinas
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 322,375
Malvinas Argentinas
Jesús Cataldo Cariglino (Mr) First elected May 1995, re-elected 1999, 2003, 07 and Oct 2011 (term to 2015) Born 1956
Detained 13 days in 2003 over range of charges; in past decade investigated in relation with 30 charges including unlawful association and embezzlement of public funds
Party: PJ
(Buenos Aires)
Population: 528,494
Raúl Alfredo Othacehé (Mr) Mayor since 1991 (elected 1991, 95, 99, 2003, 07, 11) term to 2015 Graduated law 1973, opened law firm in Merlo. PJ Secretary in Merlo since 1991; post in Buenos Aires provincial govt. 1999-2001, apparently retaining mayoral office.
Party: PJ
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 452,505 Moreno
Mariano F. West (Mr) Elected 1995, 99 (to 2003), 2011 (to 2015) Born 1949
2002 Labour and Human Development Minister Buenos Aires province, 2003-5 member provincial assembly, 2005-9 member national parliament
Party: PJ
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 321,109
Lucas Ghi (Mr) Acting mayor from 10 December 2008, elected 2011 Born 1980
Politics graduate Buenos Aires University
Party: Nuevo Morón or Nuevo Encuentro
(Buenos Aires)
Population: 299,077
Humberto Edgardo Zúccaro (Mr) Mayor since 2003, this term to 2015 Party: FPV, then Frente Renovador
(Capital, Misiones)
Popl: 324.756
Orlando Ramón Franco (Mr) Elected 28 Oct 2007, 2011 Party: Frente Renovador de la Concordia
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 582,943)
Francisco Virgilio Gutiérrez (Mr) Elected 2007, Oct 2011 Born 1951
Kidnapped and jailed 1975-83 under military regime, trade unionist, member national parliament 2001, 2005 for Polo Social-FPV, resigned 2007 to run for municipal govt. FPV
San Fernando
Popl: 390,874
Aida Beatriz Maxima Ayala (Ms) Mayoress since 2003, re-elected 2011 Born 1953
Civil engineer
Party: Unión Cívica Radical
(Rosario, Santa Fe)
Popl: 1,193,605
Mónica Fein (Ms) Mayoress from 10 Dec. 2011 (succeeded Miguel Lifschitz) Born 1957
Party: Partido Socialista-Frente Amplio Progresista
(Capital, Salta)
Popl: 536,113
Miguel Isa (Mr) Acting mayor 2001, elected mayor since 2003 Born 1960
Member of provincial assembly 2001-3
Party: PJ
San Isidro
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 292,878
San Isidro
Angel Gustavo Posse (Mr) Elected 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011 Born 1962
Lawyer, succeeded his father Melchor Posse as mayor
Party: Acción Vecinal San Isidro es Distinto
San Miguel de Tucumán
(Capital of Tucumán)
Popl: 548.866
Domingo Luis Amaya (Mr) Elected 2007, 2011 Party: FPV
Santa Fe
(Capital Santa Fe)
Popl: 505,000
José Manuel Corral (Mr) Elected 2011 Born 1968
2007 Government Secretary of Santa Fe, 2009-11 president municipal council
Party: Unión Cívica Radical
(Buenos Aires)
Popl: 376,381
Sergio Tomás Massa (Mr) Elected 2007, 2011 1972
Country's Social Security chief 2005-7, seeks parliamentary seat in 2013
Party: Frente Renovador
Tres de Febrero
(Buenos Aires
Popl: 340,071
Tres de Febrero
Hugo Omar Curto (Mr) Elected 1991, 95, 99, 2003,07, 2011 1938
Prominent trade unionist, member of parliament 1987-91 Party: PJ

(2) Population -figures for municipalities from 2010 census, cited by the Argentine Interior Ministry.

(3) Municipalities of the Buenos Aires province are termed partidos; there is no department. The Federal Capital is not a part of the Buenos Aires province.

(4) Some political parties: 1 - Frente Para la Victoria coalition includes the PJ, backs President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, 2 – Partido Justicialista, main Peronist party encompassing Left, Right-wing tendencies. 3 – Frente Renovador, dissident Peronism, group founded 2013 by mayor of Tigre Sergio Massa. 4 – Partido del Progreso Social (PPS) split in 1996 from Partido Socialista Popular (PSP). 5 – Socialist Party (PS). 6 – Frente Amplio Progresista (FAP) coalition founded 2011, includes Socialist Party. 7 – UCR/ Radical Civic Union, founded 1891, center-left, includes liberal-centrist currents.

(1) Alidad Vassigh also maintains the blog The American News Monitor

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